Jared Rich was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised by two NYC Public School teachers. He takes pride in his NYC Public School education - P.S. 276 in Canarsie to Midwood High School.

Jared got his degree in Government and Politics at the University of Maryland before returning home to obtain a Law Degree from Brooklyn Law School.  At the age of 30, Jared opened a solo practitioner law practice on Court Street, in Brooklyn and continues to serve New Yorkers from all walks of life on a wide range of issues.

Jared is an experienced litigator and assertive negotiator, having successfully represented clients in courts all over the city.  With zero advertising budget and through word of mouth, Jared has been able to maintain a successful law practice.   Jared is now ready to take the next step so that he can use his skills to help all New Yorkers.

Jared believes strongly that the office of the Public Advocate cannot be filled by a simple career politician.  The Public Advocate has broad powers to investigate and commence litigation and is armed with many powerful tools to act as a check on the Government.  Unfortunately, rather than be a powerful force and agent for the people, the Office has been used as a mere stepping stone to advance political careers.

Even the greatest city on Earth has its share of issues.  As Public Advocate, Jared intends to use the broad powers of the office to investigate, introduce legislation and commence litigation when injustice rears its ugly head. 

Being a solo practitioner attorney, and not a career politician, Jared is beholden to no one and can act as an independent force for change. 

Jared wants to be Public Advocate because he believes he has a special skill set that will allow him to make an actual difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Jared resides in Boerum Hill with his beautiful wife Monica and two adorable boys, Henry age 2.5 and Lucas age 1.5. 

Jared Rich for Public Advocate. 

A litigator who will fight, a negotiator who will listen.