A litigator who will fight. 

A negotiator who will listen.

Meet Jared

"If you want to have a truly effective Public Advocate you need someone who is going to be able to use the legal process to achieve real results. Not a cheerleader."


As a NYC native, product of the Public Schools, and independent attorney with real world legal experience who individually serves all communities in NYC, Jared Rich is the best choice for Public Advocate for anyone seeking a non-career politician beholden to no one.  The Office of the Public Advocate has many powers, including the power to introduce legislation in the City Council and to commence litigation in State Court.  Jared intends to use the full extent of those powers to act as a true advocate for the people.  The people of NYC deserve a member of the public to be their advocate and Jared is ready to use his skill to serve all people in all five boroughs.

From Day 1, Jared intends to use the full power of the Office to pursue the legal drug distribution machine that has infiltrated the community with deadly, highly addictive opioids.  Millions of pills
are swarming the streets and Jared will pursue actual accountability for the individuals and corporations that are responsible.  As Public Advocate, Jared will expose the waste and  corruption that has broken our subway system, and will work to refocus education policy so that
the sole goal becomes making every single public school into a good school.

“When Jazmine Headley was arrested, I could not believe the reaction of local politicians, who seemed to all scratch their heads while wondering what was going on.  As Public Advocate I would be in my car on the phone with the DA while en route to the jailhouse, and wouldn’t come home until Ms. Headley was released. Instead, Ms. Headley sat in jail for five days. Five days for what? That is outrageous!  The local government needs to do better than just air their grievances on Twitter as if they have no power to do anything.”

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