A Litigator Who Will Fight.

A Negotiator Who Will Listen

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The Issues



The degradation of our NYC Public Schools is an embarrassment to our great city and inherently unjust. ALL children in NYC should have the opportunity to attend a great public school. However, we need money to improve them. Jared will use his special skills as a hard hitting attorney to unearth waste and inefficiency in every corner of the cities’ budget as well as insuring that the two major sources of expected revenue generated from congestion pricing and marijuana legalization will be allocated toward our public schools.

Coming from a family of NYC public school teachers, Jared has a special passion for this mission and hopes to accomplish it as Public Advocate.



The over prescribing of Opioid based pain killers has led to an addiction epidemic that we haven't seen since Crack in the 80’s. Only this time its not the Columbians OR the Mexican cartels OR the CIA OR your local street dealers… Its the morally bankrupt pharmaceutical companies who, for the last 20+ years have put profits over the public well being. Jared intends on working closely with the District Attorneys to go after these glorified drug dealers and dramatically decrease the amount of powerful addictive pills in circulation.



The New York City Housing Authority is in shambles. Mismanagement, incompetence, waste and inefficiency has led to buildings that are literally falling apart. Residents are exposed to dangerous conditions including a poisonous lead paint issue that STILL has not been resolved.

As an experienced litigator in Housing Court, Jared is thoroughly knowledgeable on the ability of NYC to maintain strict housing maintenance standards. Jared has first hand knowledge that the city has the ability to rectify housing issues.  Yet, NYCHA continues to fail their residents and our citizens.   

As Public Advocate, Jared intends to set Housing Policy straight because people of this City deserve better.



One year ago, the NY Times ran a story on page 1 detailing some of the waste that they dubbed the “most expensive mile of subway track on Earth”.*   That story exposed the fact that on one train tunnel project, “Officials could not find any reason for ‘200 people to be there. All we knew is they were each being paid about $1,000 every day.’

On that one project alone, literally $200,000 per day of complete fraudulent waste was sitting right there, exposed on page 1 of the paper.. but for reasons that remain unknown, zero public officials deemed that story notable enough to investigate.

Inexcusable. Jared will dig deep to find the waste in these government funded agencies and reallocate all misused funds to where its needed most.

* www.nytimes.com/2017/12/28/nyregion/new-york-subway-construction-costs.html


We Love this city..

So Lets make it better.

Allow a strong, no nonsense independent NEW YORKER, beholden to no one but his neighbors (and his wife), be your voice.

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What Makes

Jared Rich


Jared will listen. He understands native New Yorkers are losing their voice. They’re watching their schools decline.. Getting to work is more expensive than ever as the subway system continues to break down.. They’re watching corporate greed take precedent over their own health and interests.

At Jareds law practice, he’s fought for the working man.. he’s fought for the elderly.. he’s taken on corporations and won. He’s helped the terminally ill, giving families and next of kin peace of mind and helped avoid financial hardships. He’s advocated for cancer patients and stopped unfair evictions.

Jared has dedicated his life to serving his community and taking action for the voiceless. He discovered his passion in his law practice and sees that the people of New York need someone who will give them a voice.

Winning the election for New York Public Advocate will allow Jared to act as a mouthpiece for all underserved New Yorkers. New Yorkers who’ve been ignored by career politicians using this office as a stepping stone rather than a way to enrich this city and empower its citizens.

Jared vows to change this with your support.

Jared listening to a concerned New Yorker

Jared listening to a concerned New Yorker